April 13, 2011

Gift from Antti and packages from Leena Gustafson

Thank you to Antti and children for the playdough we received for the Little Darlings. They will have lots of fun with it. Please thank your children for their kind greeting also.

And many thanks Leena Gustafson for the fives packages of baby textiles we received, I think on behalf of Vaaka and Lutheran Congregation of Myanamaki mission group.


Anonymous said...

Hello there!

You are in my mind very often!

The three bigger packages with sheets, pillo cases and towels are collected and sawn by the ladies in mission group in Mynamaki. The smaller ones are send by myself in the spirit of Vaaka.

I hope the items will be useful. As like I just have seen in the picture where the Darlings are drawing with finger colours. The bibs are made by me from old towels. I was so happy to be along in that funny occation! :)

With best greetings Leena

Anonymous said...

Great Job Leena, keep up the good work.
Warm regards